A Letter To The Girl Who Feels She Just Can't Go On

This is a letter to the girl who feels she just can't go on. To the girl who feels the weight of the world on her shoulders. To the girl who is stressed about finals. To the girl who is stressed about making decisions. To the girl who feels nothing is changing, yet everything is changing at the same time. To the girl who feels left behind . To the girl who is just like you and just like me.

I know you feel alone. I know you feel like you're the only one facing these trials right now. I know you try every day to put on a happy face, but when you're in the privacy of your own home, reality sets in. 

You would rather people didn't know you have problems. It's easier to be the girl on Instagram with the smile, giving everyone else advice. I know it all to well. 

So dear sister, 

I see you.
I see that you're struggling.
I see that you would rather quit right now, because that would be easier.
I see that you don't think what you're doing is good enough.
I see that you avoid the hard decisions, because making decisions means change.
I see that you cry when you're by yourself.
I see that you hurt.
I see that you hide the pain, behind a pretty smile.
I see you.

But here is what you need to know. You can go on. You can survive this semester. You can make that hard decision. You can achieve your goals. You can and you will. 

You can, because God fights for you. God is on your side. God's power lives within you and you have the mind of Christ! 

You no longer live in fear.
You no longer cower at the thought of change. 
You no longer have anxious thoughts and worries. 
You no longer feel you aren't good enough. 
You no longer are a victim.

You are Victorious, you are a precious daughter, you were bought with a price, and you are able, because HE LIVES IN YOU.

So dear sister,  

I believe in you.
I believe that you will succeed. 
I believe that you will persevere.
I believe that you are capable, equipped, and qualified.
I believe that you are a world-changer.
I believe that you are full of joy.
I believe you are strong.
I believe that you have bountiful peace, an able mind, and a bold spirit.
I believe in you.

Now you need to believe it too. Grasp ahold of the truth that Jesus speaks over you and you can do it. You can and you will, because you are more than a conqueror In Christ Jesus. 

Much love,