Favorite Christian Resources || Part 2

I wrote a blog post this summer about my favorite Christian resources, so I thought I would add to/update that list. I love finding new Christian books or podcasts or bloggers, etc. to learn from. I believe God has given us all words to say and He uses us as vessels to speak into others.

So here is an addition to my previous post "Favorite Christian Resources". PS Hover over the headings and they will turn green, then click on the link. :)


1. The Holy Bible!! (More specific "The Jesus Bible")

I know what you're thinking... duh Kelsea. The Bible is important. But really, the Bible is GOD-BREATHED! God wrote this book and then He gave it to you and me so we could know Him on a deeper level! Crazy, right? That is LOVE. We need to get back to reading the Word for what it is and really taking the time to know more about the God who created us. I use the Jesus Bible and I love it. It helps connect Jesus throughout the entire Bible, from Genesis to Exodus. It is filled with good study points and provides connections throughout scripture. it is my favorite study Bible. 

2. Radical by David Platt

This book has seriously changed my perspective on Christianity and the "American dream". This book will challenge you in all the right ways and push you to be more like Jesus in your DAILY life. I encourage all of you to read it. PS I found it "used" on Amazon for less than $5!  

3. Savoring Single by Shelley Black 

I have not read  (It just came out!) and I am not single, BUT I have been single before (duh), so I know the struggles. It is a dire need for single women to find purpose in their single years. Savoring Single is a book designed to help women understand that and actually ENJOY being single, all while discovering Jesus' love and developing a deeper relationship with Him. So if you're single, this might just be the book for you!


1. Nikki Philllippi

I've been watching Nikki's video for quite some time now and I just love her videos. She films a variety of videos, such as conversation, "tea talks", cooking/meal-prep, anxiety/depression related, and fashion/beauty. She is a successful Christian YouTuber who doesn't shy away from her faith even when she isn't doing a "faith-related" video.

2. Kristin Johns

I've been watching Kristin's videos basically since she first started. She is another successful Christian YouTuber who doesn't shy away from her faith. She does several different types of videos, including faith-related, beauty/fashion, and vlogging. You can tell from her videos that she is such a genuine, sweet person, that truly loves Jesus. This is why she's one of my favorites. 

3. Jordan Lee Dooley

Jordan Lee is the voice behind SoulScripts, but she recently started a YouTube channel as another avenue of ministry. She has such a genuine soul and she strives to share God's love with all people, while also helping women grow into who they are called to be.  

4. Victory Tulsa

Victory is the church that I go to. They post their sermons online every weekend. Many times I will watch one of the sermons as I get ready for work. Victory's slogan is "Love God, Love people". That is truly the mission at Victory, so if you need messages to listen to or a church to watch occasionally online, check out Victory.


1. Seizing Loveliness//Hallie Williamson

Hallie is a blogger that I have recently come across. Her writing is very genuine and passionate. She shares what is on her heart and works to bring all things back to Jesus. She recently wrote a post called "I lost me, but you restored me". It is a post that I feel many of us can relate to and it is just one example of her heartfelt writing. 

2. Discovering Her Soul Purpose//Anna Jo Baker

Anna Jo is another blogger that I have recently come across. I first discovered her, because of the "Identity Movement" she started. She started this movement, one because the lord spoke to her and two because she relates to it. Discovering Her Soul Purpose is all about creating community for us girls to find who we are in Christ.

3. Kaci Nicole

Kaci Nicole blogs to encourage women to know Jesus and to make Him known. That is her soul passion in blogging. Kaci writes in a way that can be understood and in a way that encourages, rather than puts down. She gives helpful advice about various areas of life and ultimately world to stir a passion inside of readers to be more like Jesus. 


1. Girls Night With Stephanie May Wilson

Stephanie is also a blogger and author (Lipstick Gospel). She recently started a podcast called "girls night" that is meant to feel like having conversation with your best girlfriends. She invites other women to have conversation with her and to encourage other women in all walks of life. 


1. Upper Room Worship

I found Upper Room Worship on YouTube. Their worship is so pure and spirit-filled. They mostly do "covers" of other artists' music, but it is so GOOD. A lot of times I will just go to their channel, click a video, and let the music play while I get ready or do the dishes or whatever else. 


1. Blue Letter Bible

Blue Letter Bible is more than just a commentary. It is an awesome in-depth resource with commentaries, concordances, Greek and Hebrew word tools, and much more. I started using blue letter bible to enhance my bible studies and the best part is it's free! So if you need another bible study tool, try this one out. I think you'll like it.

So that's it for part 2 of my favorite Christian resources! If you enjoy this type of blog post let me know in the comments or by email, whatever works for you! Also, feel free to share your favorite Christian resources as well, so we can all learn from each other! :)