Giving Gifts When You Have No Money To Spend

I love Christmas and the holiday season. I love to go shopping to find people gifts that they would love. Giving gifts is one way that I show love or appreciation to others. The reality, however, is that most of us are on a budget and sometimes there just isn't enough money in the budget to buy gifts for everyone that you want to buy gifts for. 

So what do you of when your gift budget is either very small or non-existent? These things may seem obvious, but often the obvious is overlooked. 



One way to show love and appreciation this holiday season is to serve someone. Maybe you can ask "what can I do for you?" or maybe you just see the need and you fulfill it. Sometimes gifts are a "quick-fix" for "I appreciate you", when we could give the gift of service which means so much more.  Jesus came to this earth and served others. It was one of the greatest acts of love when Christ humbled Himself to wash the disciples feet. So be like Jesus and serve someone. 




Plan a small party for the special people in your life or even just have them over for a nice dinner. I mean, you're going to eat anyways right? (This is also a way to serve others btw.) Hospitality is a great way to show people you care about them. Invite them into your home, cook for them, entertain them, and of course show them the love of Jesus. That's all we really need this holiday season anyways.




3. DIY

So there are a lot of people you want to give gifts, but not a lot of money to do it? Make something! Chances are, you will be able to buy materials needed to make gifts cheaper than you can buy individual gifts, especially if you find the good deals! For example: this burlap wreath. I made a burlap wreath to hang on my door using a wire wreath, burlap, and ribbon. I got all of the materials half off at Hobby Lobby, so it was super cheap! Of course this option will take up more time than just going out and buying something, but it will most likely mean more to the person because of the time spent. 

So there you have it! Three gift ideas for when you have little or no money to spend. 

We as a culture are materialistic, but this holiday season don't make it about the material stuff. Give someone a gift that is more than stuff. Give a gift that is meaningful and touches the heart and the soul. 

When we give gifts that touch the heart and the soul, we make an impact. This impact will last longer than next Christmas when we have to buy another gift. Things are just that... things. So be creative, think outside the box, and most importantly ask Jesus what He would have you give.