I'm Not Waiting

Too often, I dated anyone who wanted to date me. I dated out of no purpose, but it's what everyone else was doing. I would put my life and my happiness on hold for that person who was NOT the one. I didn't see myself with enough value. I didn't want to be the girl who didn't have a boyfriend, because then I would be considered an outcast. 

There are so many young girls who struggle with "the one" mentality.

You are waiting on the one person who you are going to spend the rest of your life with. You are waiting on the one person who is going to make you feel loved. You are waiting on the one person who will make you feel accepted. You are waiting on the one person who will probably change your life forever. 

You're out there searching for "the one". You're test driving every possible candidate to figure out who "the one" could be. You're putting your life on hold. You're putting your dreams on hold.  You are no longer living for you, because now you are living on this hope that maybe, just maybe, you have found the one.


Woah, stop waiting?

Yes, stop waiting.

Stop waiting to go after your dreams. Stop waiting to pursue your calling. Stop waiting on someone else to make you happy. Stop waiting to know your true worth. Stop waiting.

It may seem like finding "the one" is going to fulfill you and make you normal again, but it's not. Finding "the one" should not be your first priority. Your first priority should be to develop into the person God has called you to be.

Here's the thing:
Until I found my worth in Jesus, I didn't find the one. Until I set aside my own selfish desires, I didn't find the one. So let this be encouragement for you. If you are struggling with dating, if you are struggling with finding "the one", if you are struggling with your worth, then it's time to refocus. 

Refocus. Reevaluate. Renew. 

It's time for a renewing. It's time that we stop waiting to fulfill our purpose and that we go after everything God has called us to. I promise, once you have repositioned yourself to the thoughts of God, you will begin to see yourself differently. 

There is far more in store for you than a life of waiting. So stop waiting and go forth to a life of purpose. 

The one will come, but first be one with Christ. 



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