Living Boldly | Living a Life of Love

Thank you so much for joining me for this series. I did a February series last year and I really wanted to do another one this year. However, I just couldn't think of anything. Then one day, after spending some time in the Word, an idea came to me. 

This series is all about "living a life of love". I decided to create an acronym for LOVE and include a journaling prompt for the series. We will be looking at a different topic once a week and examining the relationship that it has to love. 

Live boldly
Optimize Kingdom Vision
Value Others
Exemplify Christ

This week we are going to look at the topic "Live Boldly".

You may wonder, "What does living boldly have to do with love?" I'm here to make the argument that living boldly has everything to do with love.

You see, I believe that Jesus lived a life of boldness. He wasn't timid or afraid. He didn't let fear or personal opinions get in the way of the love that He showed so graciously. 

Story after story in the Bible connects Jesus' bold actions to His bold love for people. 

To take a bold step is to love. 

The Bible tells us "if we don't love, we are nothing". (1 Corinthians 13:2) So if we aren't loving boldly are we really living? And on the other hand, if we aren't living boldly are we really loving? I argue that these two characteristics go hand in hand. 

John 4 is the thematic verse for this blog. It is based on the woman at the well, whom Jesus boldly stepped out to love. He didn't care that she was a sinner or that she was broken. He only cared about showing her love and compassion. 

The way Jesus loved this woman is considered bold, because it was against the law for Jews and Samaritans to interact. Plus, she was a samaritan woman and women of such low class were not to interact with men. But Jesus broke down the barriers and pursued this woman, so that she could receive life and hope. 

This wasn't the first and definitely wasn't the last time that Jesus used bold action to show love.

So how can we begin to live boldly and show love?

1. Take action

  • Taking action might be the number one step to living boldly. We have to stop fearing opinions and thoughts of others and begin living the lives we were called to live. Think about it, if Jesus was worried about the opinions of others, He wouldn't have been able to show the love that He did. 

2. Understand it's a process

  • Boldness doesn't happen over night. It will most likely take time, learning, and making mistakes. I have to remind myself constantly to live boldly and I don't always succeed. It's a process. We are always in the process of becoming. Becoming more bold. Becoming more compassionate. Becoming more like Jesus.

3. Find bible verses to inspire you

  • There are many verses in the bible that talk about living boldly, living like Christ, and loving. If you want to learn to live in boldness and not fear, then find bible verses to encourage you. Begin to speak scripture over your life and watch God work.
  • 2 Timothy 1:7
  • John 10:10
  • 1 John 4:18

I hope that this post will inspire you to live and to love boldly. To go deeper into this topic, be sure to get the free journal prompt that goes along with it HERE. Remember to use the hashtag #LoLjournalprompt to follow everyone's journeys and tag me in your posts (@kelseamoriah).

Come back next Saturday to see the next big topic: Optimize Kingdom Vision.